The ABC Bouncing Balls are a trio of novelty balloons that flew alongside the first Big Bird balloon.

History with the Macy's Parade

The ABC Bouncing Balls made their first Parade appearance in the 1988 Parade, pairing up alongside the newly-introduced Big Bird balloon. The three balloons are based on wooden alphabet blocks, with the first three letters of the alphabet, A, B, and C, respectively. On the rear of the balloons, there was a character correlating with the letter on the front (i.e. A for alligator, B for Bert, and C for Cookie Monster). The balloons continued to make appearances with the Big Bird balloon up until its retirement shortly after the 2000 Parade.

After a brief retirement, the ABC Bouncing Ball balloons were brought back in the 2002 Parade, now following behind the Sesame Street float. The balloons made their final appearance in the 2003 Parade, and were retired permanently shorty thereafter.

Despite their retirement, the ABC Bouncing Ball balloons still reside in the Macy's Parade Studio, in 'Parade Ready' condition.


  • In 1992, the Letter C balloon was a little bit deflated in the parade, but continued on while also being lowered to the ground during the parade.
  • In 1997, one of the letter balloons (The Letter C balloon) was punctured during the parade route, letting the other two ball balloons survive the parade.

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