Avocados From Mexico is a marketing group that is located in Irving, Texas which was founded in 2013 as the marketing arm of the two organizations that represent the Avocados From Mexico business in the United States.

History with the Macy's Parade

Avocados from Mexico made their first and only Macy's Parade appearance in 2015. The float featured a life-sized Mexican Casa Fresca Cafe. This float was recycled from the Despicable Me 2: Despicably Delicious float in 2013, which itself was recycled from the Amica Mutual Insurance float from 2003. The float featured a display case at the front of the float, showcasing all the tasty products that can be made from avocados including, of course, the company's famous guacamole. At the front of the float, a performance area stands alongside a sign that reads "Today's Special: Fresh Guacamole". On the sides of the float, Casa Fresca Cafe workers escort the float down the Parade route. This float was retired after the 2015 Parade.


Below, you will find a list of every performer/celebrity that has performed/appeared on the float.

  • 2015 - Daughtry
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