"The world's largest store brings you the world's largest baseball, and it's signed by R.H. Macy himself!" -- Official Website, 2013-2015

The Baseball is a classic novelty balloon from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is one of the oldest and most popular balloons in the Parade.

History with the Macy's Parade

The balloon made its first appearance in 1991 and commonly appeared alongside the Basketball and Football balloons, in addition to the Rep Pally float. The balloon would continue to appear until 1999. The following year, the balloon would be placed upon the top of United Airlines' Flights of Fancy float to celebrate the New York Yankees' World Series victory. This was the only time the balloon appeared on the float. It would later reappear starting in 2002 and made continuous appearances until 2006 when it was retired possibly due to the balloon's age.

The following year, a new, improved baseball balloon made its debut. This version replaced the "Macy's" logo with R.H. Macy's signature. The balloon became a Parade mainstay until 2014. It would take a leap of absence in the 2015 Parade, only to briefly return in 2016, when it was officially retired. Whether or not the balloon will return to the Parade remains unknown.


  • The original Baseball balloon appeared at Yankees Parade in 1996 along with the Giant Baseball and Mitt Falloon.
  • The R.H. Macy Baseball was originally scheduled to make its 9th consecutive appearance in 2015, but was later booted off for unknown reasons, and was replaced with Harold the Policeman.
  • Additionally, it was scheduled to be a no-show in the 2016 Parade as well but was later re-added as a last-minute replacement for Arrtie the Pirate.
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