The Blue & White Macy's Stars are a pair of star-shaped novelty balloons from Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

History with the Macy's Parade

The Blue & White Macy's Stars first took to the skies in 2003 as an addition to the ever-growing collection of star-shaped balloons in the Parade. The two balloons were based on Macy's five-pointed namesake object, and were painted blue with the Macy's logo on the front and rear of the balloons. The balloons appeared in the Parade throughout the early 2000's, and were retired after the 2006 Parade.

After sitting dormant in the Macy's Parade Studio's balloon loft for many years, the blue stars were brought out of storage and repainted with the Ithaca College logo for the college's 2012 graduation ceremony.

In 2017, the Blue & White Macy's Stars returned to the line of march to help accompany the lovable and huggable Olaf balloon lead the procession. These balloons utilized the updated Macy's Star balloon base, which had been in use since 2015. The design is nearly identical to their previous incarnations, though a lighter color of blue was used.

During their planned third appearance in the 2019 Parade, one of the Blue Stars was unable to make it to the line of march. According to Kenneth Drake, a member of the Parade's balloon management team, "It popped right before the parade. I was walking by to get a radio when I saw a gust of wind pick it up and throw it onto a nearby generator. There was a big pop sound and it instantly deflated. It happened right before the parade, so there was no chance of repairing it."

One of the Blue Stars appeared in the background of a May 2020 Facebook post by Macy's, where it was displayed in the background alongside a Pumpkin and a Red Americana Sphere at the Macy's Parade Studio.

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