Bumpé is a Swedish bull, who was created by Christopher Carlson for his 1998 children's book, Bumpé ABC. The story is about a curious red bull named Bumpé--a curious creature rather like a red bull with a yellow ball on top of his head--who thinks about the alphabet. He finds himself becoming an airplane, a bee, and other things all the way to a yoga practitioner and a zebra.

History with the Macy's Parade

During a trip to Toy Fair 1997, the Macy's Special Events team spotted a brightly-colored display featuring books and toys of a certain red Scandinavian cow named Bumpé. The team immediately fell in love with the cow's quirky nature and creative book of the same name. Thus, a Bumpé balloon was set to debut in the 1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Standing at 33 feet wide and 55 feet tall, the Bumpé balloon took his maiden flight alongside those of Arthur, Rugrats, and Miss Petula Pig, as to promote the release of his book the following year. Bumpé is also notable for being the first-ever, and currently, only-ever, Scandinavian balloon to appear in the Parade's history.

Because of the brutal, high winds whipping the balloons about in 1997, Bumpé's back legs were punctured and deflated after a strong gust pushed him into the sidelines at Times Square. Additionally, the high winds also caused him to lose his front toenails upon route. Despite the incident, the balloon remained largely intact throughout the rest of the Parade route.

The balloon was retired after only one appearance, despite his book releasing the following year. The balloon hasn't been seen since.

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