Charlotte's Web is a 2006 live-action feature film based on the same-named novel by E. B. White. It is about a young spring pig named Wilbur who is being taken to the farm of his owner's brother to be prepared as dinner; he befriends Charlotte the spider, who helps prevent him from being eaten by using descriptions of him spelled in her web to convince the farmers and farm animals that he is quite special.

History with the Macy's Parade

The live-action film was represented by a float in the 80th Anniversary Macy's Parade, less than two weeks before its release. The float was recycled from the Peeps float from 2003, which in itself was recycled from 1997's Annabelle's Wish float. It features Wilbur by the Zuckerman's barn, with many of Charlotte's web phrases, such as "Some Pig", "Radiant", "Terrific" and "Humble", spread throughout the float. This float only appeared in 2006. Despite it no longer appear in the main Parade, it served as a stage for various bands during the 2007 Macy's Petacular Fair, to promote the film's soundtrack and home media releases. It has yet to make another appearance.

Guest Stars

Below, you will find a list of every performer/celebrity that has performed/appeared on the float.

  • 2006 - Sarah McLachlan; performed "Ordinary Miracle"
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