Felix the Cat is a funny animal character who appeared in animated cartoons of the silent film era. Created by Pat Sullivan, he was the first cartoon character to attain sufficient popularity among movie audiences. The character later starred in a comic strip, several TV series, and a pair of feature films. In 2002, TV Guide ranked him the 28th-greatest cartoon character of all time.

It is commonly claimed that Felix was the first character to ever be represented by a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and that he debuted the year balloons were introduced, in 1927. However, contrary to popular belief and the assertions of Macy's itself, Felix was actually the second character balloon to float in the parade, with The Katzenjammer Kids being the first, and his balloon did not appear until 1931.

After a long absence, he returned in the 90th Anniversary parade in 2016, but instead of switching him to his most recent appearance and the modern balloon design conventions, Macy's decided to recreate his 1931 design, even having the balloon filled with air and held on strings.


  • In 1931 Felix got tangled in telephone wires and caught on fire.


  • Felix the Cat Theme Song (Flute Remix) (2016)