Flying Fish is a novelty balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

History with the Macy's Parade

Rainbow Trout (1950)

She made her Parade debut in 1950. Not much is known about this version, but it was retired in 1952.

Goldfish with Pinkish Fins (1953)

A repainted version of the balloon was created in 1953. It made another appearance in 1954 before retiring the same year.

Flying Fish Recreation (1996)

A recreation of the original balloon first appeared in the 1996 Parade along with a redesigned Harold the Fireman. She was briefly retired after 1997 after an accident but returned two years later in 1999. She quickly became a Macy's Parade classic, making subsequent appearances until 2008, when she was retired. She made a brief return in 2013, but was ultimately retired once again.

Flying Fish has become one of the longest-running novelty balloons in the Parade's history.


  • In 1951, the Rainbow Trout balloon was punctured by a lamppost and could not be repaired. The balloon was removed from the parade because of this.
  • In 1997, Flying Fish was punctured by an unknown obstacle the night before due to heavy winds.

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  • Flying Fish was originally scheduled to return in the 2018 Parade, but was scrapped for unknown reasons and was replaced by Artie the Pirate.
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