Go Bowling is an American-based company, usually known as the destination for bowling fans and enthusiasts seeking news and information about one of America's favorite past times and the nation's number one participatory sport.

History with the Macy's Parade

Go Bowling made their Parade debut in 2018, scoring a "turkey" with 6 16-foot tall bowling pin balloonicles, alongside a 12-foot diameter red-yellow bowling ball balloonicle. These are also the first set of balloonicles, alongside the Baby Dinos, to use motorized wheelchairs for control. Go Bowling’s debut also marked the largest presentation of balloon elements showcasing one partner in the Parade’s history, with a total of 9 in all. It also features two 14-foot long bowling shoe-shaped vehicles, which kicks off the unit. They still make appearances as of 2019.


  • In 2019, one of the Bowling Pins ended up deflated and removed from the Parade, but the other five Bowling Pins and the Bowling Ball made it through the entire route.


  • In 2019, one of the five surviving Bowling Pins was having trouble standing up due to it being low on helium, and had to be supported by some of its handlers.
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