Goldfish are fish-shaped cheese crackers manufactured by Pepperidge Farm, a division of the Campbell Soup Company. The crackers have been available in several varieties and, since 1997, 40% of the crackers contain a small imprint of an eye and a smile. The brand's current marketing and product packaging incorporate this feature of the product: "The Snack That Smiles Back! Goldfish!", the slogan being reinforced by Finn, the mascot with sunglasses. The product is marketed as a "baked snack cracker" on the label with various flavors and varieties.

In 2012, Pepperidge Farm, the manufacturers of Goldfish, debuted a new float called "Goldfish on Parade". This float was designed as if a child used the toys and items in their room to create a mini Macy's Parade. At the front, a crayon box with thumbtacks represent the opening banner. Behind that, Finn, the company's mascot, sports a top hat. next to Finn, hid friend, Xtreme, walks on pencils, acting as stilts.

Behind the first two goldfish, a paperclip is bent into the shape of the half-way point banner. Behind the paperclip, Brooke is seen towing a float with a toy car. On the float, Gilbert sits on a bottle cap blowing a whistle. Towering over the goldfish is a giant goldfish balloon, made out of an actual party balloon. Books act as the float base, and a book called the "New York City Pop-Up Book" represented a NYC skyline. On the very back, a toy robot is seen holding up the pop-up book. This float was retired after 2014.


Below, you will find a list of every performer/celebrity that has performed/appeared on the float.

  • 2012 - Jennette McCurdy
  • 2013 - Fifth Harmony
  • 2014 - Lucy Hale