”It may be a bit post-season, but our four-story shortstop — the iconic Baseball Player balloon as featured in “Miracle on 34th Street, celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017 — is ready to handle the longest fly balls and the hardest grounders. After all, he has a 12-foot glove!“ — Official Parade Website, 2017

Harold the Baseball Player is a novelty balloon from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He is a re-creation of the famed Baseball Player balloon from the 1946 Parade, as well as a cameo in the original version of the holiday film Miracle on 34th Street.

History with the Macy's Parade

Harold the Baseball Player first returned in the 2017 Parade, to help celebrate Miracle on 34th Street's 70th anniversary. The balloon was given a special paint job, painted in hues of black, white, and grey, making it more different and unique than its other counterparts Harold the Fireman and Harold the Policeman. This balloon only appeared in 2017 and hasn't appeared anywhere else since. It is unknown if this balloon will ever return.

Prior to the new balloon's debut, he was used in a September 2017 Handler’s Training, alongside Eruptor.

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