The History Channel, now known as simply History, is a cable and satellite television channel owned by A&E Networks. The channel broadcasts documentary programs, historical fiction series, and more recently, reality shows. Launched in 1995, the channel now covers about 82% of television households in the United States and has localized versions in various international markets.

History with the Macy's Parade

The channel had a float in the parade called "New York Tin Toy," which debuted in 2006. The float included wind-up mechanisms and a large Empire State Building. A blimp circles the top of the building, while many famous landmarks from NYC come in and out of the building, including the Statue of Liberty and the famous V-J in Times Square photo. The float even had pyrotechnics that would go off after the performance in the 2007 Parade. This float was retired after the 2008 parade.

Guest Stars

Below, you will find a list of every performer/celebrity that has performed/appeared on the float, alongside the respective songs which they sang during the NBC Telecast.

  • 2006 - Barry Manilow & World of Children; performed "What The World Needs Now Is Love"
  • 2007 - Michael Feinstein & Anika Noni Rose; performed "Give Me the Key to this Wonderful City"
  • 2008 - The Broadway Cast of Hair; performed "Aquarius"
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