Jennie-O Turkey Store is a brand name of turkey products. It is a subsidiary of the Hormel Foods Corporation in Willmar, Minnesota. All of the company's turkeys are raised and produced in the Upper Midwest region of the United States. The company produces whole turkeys, deli meat, sausage and ground turkey, in addition to hundreds of other products and recipes.

History in the Parade

Jennie-O made its Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade debut in the reimagined 2020 Parade with a brand-new float, celebrating the company's 80th anniversary milestone.

The float, entitled "Big Turkey Spectacular", is colored with the signature green and gold hues often associated with the Jennie-O brand. Taking center stage is a glimmering golden turkey sporting a dapper bowler's hat under which is a special Thanksgiving surprise of several baby turkeys. The one-of-a-kind turkey stage features dancing show guys and gals -- mirroring the glitz and glamour of the golden days of Hollywood -- all of whom carry feathered fans to bring the turkey's tail feathers to life.

In conjunction with the float's debut, Jennie-O launched new social media campaign called the “Turkey Day Spectacular Sweepstakes” that invited participants to create their own homemade Thanksgiving Day parade floats for a virtual parade. Participants will have a chance to win a trip to New York to watch the 2021 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live.

The Jennie-O float is currently scheduled to appear through the 2022 Macy's Parade.

Guest Stars

Listed below are the guest stars that have performed/appeared on the float, alongside the respective songs which they sang during the NBC Telecast.

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