Jett is the main protagonist of the South-Korean animated series, Super Wings, as the episodes usually revolve around him delivering a package to a child somewhere in the world, then assisting the recipient with something they have to do. Jett is always eager to go make deliveries. Being still a little plane, he also enjoys playing with his friends Dizzy, Donnie and Jerome very much. He is also very sympathetic when children need help, but he always needs additional help from one of the other Super Wings to fix everything up or, at times, to save himself from a sticky situation, like in "Gorilla Band" or in "Follow that Ghost".

History with the Macy's Parade

The Jett balloon first appeared in the 2017 parade, making him the first South-Korean balloon to ever appear in the Macy's Parade. He debuted alongside PAW Patrol's Chase, Olaf and The Grinch. He was also the widest balloon in the 2017 parade, having a wingspan of 39 feet, the same width as a real-life learjet. He is also the shortest giant balloon in the parade standing at only 31-feet tall.


In 2017 one of the Ropes of Jett's Right Arm got Caught in a Tree but was freed with no damages done to the balloon