The Macy's Great American Marching Band are a special Marching Band that made their debut in 2006, and have appeared ever since, making them the only Marching Band besides the NYPD Marching Band to hold a permanent berth in the Parade lineup. The members of the band consist of high school music students from across the United States, selected by audition.


Since 2011, the band says a motto at the beginning of their Street-beats, with “M-A-C-Y-S” being used in every motto.

  • 2011: “D-I-N-O-S-A, you are a Dinosaur! M-A-C-Y-S, every day I’m shuffling!”
  • 2012: "Turkey, potatoes, gravy, and some stuffing! M-A-C-Y-S, Mama-Say-Mama-Sah Ma-Ma-Coo-Sa!"
  • 2013: ?
  • 2014: “WHOO!!! Look at all dem‘ turkeys! What? M-A-C-Y-S, yeet yaw yeet!”
  • 2015: “WHOO!!! Stuffing! Stuff that turkey real good! M-A-C-Y-S, his name is John Cena!”
  • 2016: “Hey, we at here, 90 years! M-A-C-Y-S, Miiike Wazowski!”
  • 2017: “Turkey's really great, Uncle Otis not so much! M-A-C-Y-S, purple’s not allowed! WHOO!!!”
  • 2018: “There’s no fire waking up at 4 AM! M-A-C-Y-S, look, it’s Jimmy Fallon!”
  • 2019: “Turkey, potatoes, gravy, and some stuffing! M-A-C-Y-S, Santa stole our vibe!"


  • Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, 2020 will mark the only occasion since the band’s introduction in 2006 where they will not participate in the Parade at all, though a re-invitation to the 2021 Parade is tentative.
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