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The New York Daily News, officially titled Daily News, is an American newspaper based in New York City. As of May 2016, it was the ninth-most widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States. It was founded in 1919 and was the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format. Since 2017, it has been owned by the news publishing company, Tribune Publishing Inc.

History with the Macy's Parade

The New York Daily News made their parade debut all the way back in 1977, with a float called the "Big Apple". It featured many skyscrapers surrounding an enormous apple, with the celebrity or performer usually standing on top of the apple. After the float was completed at the Parade Studio, it was transferred to the Hart Scenic Studio where the model of Manhattan was built. This float was retired after the 1981 Parade.

The second Big Apple float debuted in 1982, with a much more updated and grander appearance. Recycled from the original Float. The main feature of the float is a giant replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, with skyscrapers and trees. This float became one of the longest-running floats in the Parade, alongside Tom Turkey and Santa's Sleigh, before it was retired after the 2003 Parade, making a grand total of 20 appearances.

A new Big Apple float once again debuted in 2005, this time, a 30-foot inflatable Apple towered over famous New York landmarks such as the Lincoln Tunnel, the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State building, and, of course, Macy's flagship department store. This float once again became a Parade staple, having many continuous appearances up until 2017, when it was retired, making a total of 13 appearances. The float would be disposed of in 2021.

Guest Stars

Listed below are the Guest Stars that have performed/appeared on the float, alongside the respective songs which they sang during the NBC Telecast.

Big Apple (1977)

Big Apple (1982)

  • 1982 - Sammy Davis Jr; sang "The Candy Man"
  • 1983 - Vanessa Williams; sang "New York New York"