The Observer (Also known as the Observation balloon) is a vintage Macy's balloon that is a replica of a Civil War observation balloon.

History With The Macy's Parade

The Observer balloon made its Parade debut in 1956. It was planned originally to have a man ride in the basket of the Observer balloon, but this was ruled out as not safe by the Police Department. As such, this concept was replaced by a large monkey stuffed animal. However, high winds caused the balloon to deflate in an accident, resulting in the balloon to be removed from that year's Parade. Despite this incident, the Observer balloon made its proper debut in 1957 and then appeared again in 1957 when it was retired. After two years, the balloon returned in 1960 but was retired the following year in 1961, and was recycled into The Flying Trapeze balloon a year later. It will most likely never return due to the infamy of the Civil War.


  • In 1956, when it made its debut, the Observer was deflated by a lamppost at 62nd Street and was removed alongside Gorgeous Gobbler and Mighty Mouse.
  • In 1957, the balloon almost hit a lamppost and a TV truck. Despite this, the balloon was partially deflated along the route.


  • The Observer was originally going to be in the 1959 parade, but was scrapped at the last minute for unknown reasons.


Gallery: Observer

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