The Red & Green Candy Cane is a novelty balloon from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The Red & Green Candy Cane first appeared as a Universal Orlando-exclusive balloon starting in 2009. The design takes the classic candy cane balloon shape, now painted with red and green stripes. The balloon would solely be a fixture in Macy's Holiday Parade until 2014, when it made its first appearance in the main Parade.

After this appearance, it was shipped back to Orlando, where it remained to appear until 2016 when it was retired for good in preparation for the parade's rebranding to Universal's Holiday Parade Featuring Macy's In 2017, it would make its return to the main Parade but was quickly deflated and removed from the Parade due to an incident. It was once again briefly retired afterwords.

The balloon was later repaired and returned in 2019. The balloon was once again planned to return in the 2020 Parade, however it was removed from the line of march in mid-October 2020.


  • While preparing to exit the storage building for a 2011 performance of Macy's Holiday Parade, the Candy Cane balloon hit the door frame and crashed to the ground below. No one was injured.
  • During a 2016 performance of the Macy's Holiday Parade, the Candy Cane was punctured by a lamppost and slowly started deflating.
  • In 2017, the Candy Cane was punctured again by a tree during the main Parade, but this time it was immediately fatal. According to one of the handlers, this was caused because the pilot of the balloon made the handlers release some of the handling rope for the balloon way too early, ending up with a gust blowing it into a tree. The balloon was quickly deflated and removed from the Parade shortly after the incident.


  • In 2019, the Candy Cane balloon was marginally bent.
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