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The Rocking Flamingo is one of the a toy float from originating from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

History with the Macy's Parade

The Rocking Flamingo, also referred to as Franchesca Flamingo, made her Macy's Parade debut in 2014 as a rocking toy float. Designed by artist Jessica Moretti, the toy float depicts a spin on the classic Rocking Horse children's toy as an almost 15-foot tall flamingo stands elegantly on one foot while sporting a while pearl necklace.

After the float's first appearance in the 2014 Parade, it travelled south for the winter to appear in the Macy's Holiday Parade at Universal Orlando Resort, in addition to other novelties from the Parade. It would make appearances in the Holiday Parade until the 2016-17 season had come to an end. The Rocking Flamingo made another appearance in the 2015 Parade, and was temporarily retired.

The Rocking Flamingo float returned in 2019, now carrying the likes of Mother Nature and being escorted en route to 34th Street by the Safari Clowns and the POP! Flowers.

The Rocking Flamingo most recently appeared in the reimagined 2020 Parade, alongside fellow toy floats, the Rocking Giraffe and the Rocking Lobster.