The Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) is an independent, non-profit, cultural and educational organization. Founded in 1992, SAFA has over 20 years of experience building valuable relationships and creating dialogue with the US-China community. Based in New York City, SAFA operates within the heart of the largest global community in the world and seeks to increase cross-cultural cooperation and interaction amongst the citizens of America and China as China's influence continues to spread throughout the world. 

History with the Macy's Parade

Throughout their time in the Macy's Parade, the SAFA had 3 floats in the Parade. The first float debuted in 2014, and was called "Beauty Of Beijing". This float featured a Chinese temple in the centre of the float, with Asian-inspired architecture and decorations. At the rear of the float, One of China's greatest landmarks, The Great Wall of China, spans the entire backside of the float. This float was retired after the 2014 Parade.

The second float debuted in 2015, and was recycled from the previous float. This time, the AAAAA-class tourist site, the Stone Forest of Kumming, China was featured. It replaced the temple from the previous float, but nearly everything else remained the same. This float's only appearance was in 2015.

In 2016, the SAFA made its final appearance in the Parade. This time, a float-based of the famous pandas from Chengdu, China. The float was reverted almost entirely back to its original form, with the exception of panda figures decorating the float. The float was retired the same year and hasn't been seen since.

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