Eruptor is a lava monster who is a character from the Fire element in the Skylanders video game series. Eruptor is a hot head with a strong dislike for anything evil, so whenever something bad threatens his world, he quickly erupts... quite literally. When he isn't getting angry at the forces of Kaos, he's blowing a fuse and exploding with rage about smaller things, such as creaky floorboards and people not covering their mouths when they cough.

History with the Macy's Parade

With the Skylanders franchise at the height of its popularity in 2014, a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon was created featuring Eruptor, the lava-spewing monster who was one of the game's flagship characters, as one of the six brand-new character balloons joining the lineup. The Eruptor balloon depicts him running in action bearing a 25-foot-wide smile, and to recreate Eruptor's smoldering physique, Macy's Studio artists used over 40 gallons of fluorescent paint and five barrels of glitter, which makes this balloon one of the few in the Parade's history to use glitter material.

To coincide with the balloon's debut, Activision produced a special figurine recycled from Eruptor's "Series 1" toy in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, which turned it into a "balloon" figurine. These were not used in the game, and were only given out as promotional tie-ins to employees and partners such as YouTube personalities.

The balloon appeared for three Parades, primarily to promote a new Skylanders game. When the game chapters ended after the release of Skylanders: Imaginators in 2016, so did the Eruptor balloon’s tenure in the Parade. After the balloon retired, he was later used in a September 2017 Handler's Training, alongside the then-new Harold the Baseball Player balloon. He still survives at the Macy’s float warehouse to this very day.

It is unlikely he's going to return because the Skylanders franchise has been discontinued.


Below, you will find a list of the music tracks that played during the balloon's appearance on the NBC telecast.

  • Skylanders Giants - ”Cap’n Flynn’s Ship” (2014-2016)

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