Specialty Units

  • Firetruck* - 1st time
  • Doodlebug - 1st time
  • Buckboard - 2nd time

Toy Floats

Guest Stars

  • Jane Morgan
  • Shirley Jones, & Jack Cassidy (Carousel)
  • Your Father's Mustache
  • Bayn Johnson (Doodlebug)
  • William Shatner (Soap Box Derby)
  • Sonny James; sang "Born to Be with You" (Buckboard)
  • Jerry Vale
  • Johnny Whitaker; sang "Every Little Kid can be President" (Snail)
  • Bobby Vinton (Cinderella)
  • The Cast of the Broadway version of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown)

Walk-Around Characters

  • The Banana Splits; sang "‘Long Live Love" (Fantasyland)
  • Mickey Mouse


  • Betty White - 6th time
  • Lorne Greene - 6th time
  • Joe Garagiola - 1st time
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