Here is the lineup used for the 48th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.



Specialty Units

Toy Floats

  • The Tortoise and the Hare - 7th time
  • Snail - 7th time
  • Bear - 5th time

Guest Stars

  • Howard Keel (Thanksgiving Turkey)
  • Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass (Wagon)
  • The Wombles (Little People Circus Train)
  • Bil Baird & the Three Barnyard Sisters; sang "Cartonella's March" (Cartonella)
  • Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods; sang "Billy don't be a Hero" (Walt Disney World)
  • Kathy Coleman; sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (The Wizard of Oz)

Performance Groups

  • The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club; sang "Come All Ye Faithful" (Broadway Belle Showboat)
  • The Rockettes; performed "Jingle Bells"

Marching Bands

  • Concord Community High School Marching Minutemen Band
  • Lake Wales Highlander Band; performed "Garry Owen", and "Wee Bonnie Lassie"
  • Arvada West Marching Band
  • Highlands High School Varsity Marching Band, Majorettes And; Colorguard
  • Lake Worth High School Trojan Band
  • Massillon Tiger Swing Band
  • McDonald's All-American Marching Band
  • Plymouth-Carver High School Marching Band
  • Southern Highlander Marching Band
  • Spring Branch Sr. High School Marching Band
  • The Wamego High School Red Raider Marching Band


  • "Macy's Holiday Treat For Children Everywhere" Banner
  • "If You Haven't Seen Macy's, You Haven't Seen New York" Banner

Pre Parade Acts

  • Doug Henning
  • The National Dance Company
  • The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes
  • The Spring Branch Bruin Brigade


  • David Hartman
  • Karen Grassle
  • Ed McMahon (Man on the Street Segments)
  • Rita Moreno (Pre Parade Host)
  • Mason Reese (Pre Parade Host)
  • Alan Sues (Pre Parade Host)


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