Here is the lineup used for the 51st Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.



Toy Floats

Push Floats

  • Pilgrim Man & Woman - 3rd time
  • Weebles - 3rd time
  • George Washington and Ben Franklin - 3rd time

Marching Bands

  • Rhode Island Matador Drum & Bugle Corps (Rhode Island)
  • The Cisco Junior College Wrangler Band & Wrangler Belles (Texas)
  • U.S. Drum and Bugle Corps (Washington D.C)
  • Salem High School Marching Band and Color Guard (New Hampshire)
  • Canton South High School Band (Ohio)
  • Bergenfield High School Marching Band (New Jersey)
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute Marching Band (Virginia)
  • Brentwood High School Marching Band (New York)
  • Mainland High School Marching Band (Florida)
  • Wauwatosa East High School Marching Red Raider Band (Wisconsin)
  • Ben Davis High School Marching Band (Indiana)
  • McDonald's All-American Marching Band (U.S.A)

Guest Stars

  • Victor Borge
  • Mummenschanz
  • Dan Haggerty
  • Shaun Cassidy
  • Andrea McArdle; sang "New York City" (Big Apple)
  • Vince Montana (Rocking Horse)
  • Mel Tellis (Toy Turkey)
  • Miss Teenage America (Cinderella's Carriage)
  • Arte Johnson (Raggedy Ann)
  • Jo Anne Worley (Raggedy Ann)
  • The Trammps (Pirate Ship)
  • Disney's Kids of the Kingdom (Walt Disney World)
  • Wally Amos (Rocking Giraffe)
  • Gloria Gaynor (Doodlebug)
  • Lou Rawls; sang "Lady Love" (The Old Country Village)
  • Carol Lawrence (Broadway Belle Showboat)
  • The Cast of Beatlemania (Excalibur Car)
  • The Cast of Sesame Street (Sesame Street)
  • Orson Bean (The Hobbit)
  • Neil Sedaka; sang "Laughter in the Rain" (The Giant Jukebox)

Performance Groups

  • The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club


  • Ed McMahon
  • Bryant Gumbel
  • Arte Johnson (Guest Host)
  • Carol Lawrence (Guest Host)
  • Orson Bean (Guest Host)
  • Big Bird (Guest Host)


Gallery: 1977 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


  • This is the last Parade where the newspaper ad was made by Walter Einsel, who had created them since 1958.
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