Parade Officials

"Holiday Treat for Children Everywhere" Banner


Rhode Island Matador Drum & Bugle Corps

Big Apple - Andrea McArdle

Happy Dragon Balloon

Pilgrim Man And Woman Push Floats

Rocking Horse - Vince Montana

The Cisco Junior College Wrangler Band & Belles

Toy Turkey - Mel Tillis

Weeble Push Floats

Weeble Balloon

Marching Band



Cinderella's Carriage - Miss Teenage America


U.S Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and Silent Drill

Raggedy Ann - Arte Johnson, & Jo Anne Worley

Smokey Bear Balloon

Pirate Ship - The Trammps

Salem, NH High School Marching Band and Color Guard


Walt Disney World - Disney's Kids of the Kingdom

Mickey Mouse Balloon

Rocking Giraffe - Wally Amos

Marching Band

George Washington and Ben Franklin Push Floats

Doodlebug - Gloria Gaynor

Marching Band

The Old Country Village - Lou Rawls

Astronaut Snoopy Balloon*

Clown Push Floats

Rocking Snail

Watership Down

Bergenfield High School Marching Band

Showboat - The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club & Carol Lawrence

"If You Haven't Seen Macy's, You Haven't Seen New York" Banner

Linus the Lionhearted Balloon


Excalibur Car - The Cast of Beatlemania

Virginia Polytechnic High Tighties Marching Regimental Band

Sesame Street

Kermit the Frog Balloon

Clown Push Floats


Brentwood High. School. Marching Band

The Cootie

Marching Band

Mother Goose

Bullwinkle Balloon

Circus Wagon - The Bugs Bunny Follies

Marching Band

The Hobbit - Orson Bean

McDonald's Gazebo - Paul Lavallee

McDonald's All-American Marching Band

The Giant Jukebox - Neil Sedaka

Underdog (Total TeleVision)

Santa's Sleigh - Santa Claus

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