Here is the lineup used for the 53rd Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.



Specialty Units

Toy Floats

Guest Stars

  • Mickey & Jan Rooney; sang "Jingle Bell Rock" (Toy Turkey)
  • Ann Miller
  • Gloria Vanderbilt (The Dollhouse)
  • Anderson Cooper (The Dollhouse)
  • Robert Keeshan (Circus Wagon)
  • Lionel Hampton and the All-Stars (Broadway Belle Showboat)
  • The Broadway Cast of Ain't Misbehavin (Broadway Belle Showboat)
  • Andy Kaufman (Rocking Lion)
  • Franco Columbu (Rocking Lion)
  • Chuck Woolery (Mr. Tortoise)
  • Larry Storch (Rocking Horse)
  • Dianne Kay (Airplane)
  • Sha Na Na; sang "Get a Job" (Pirate Ship)
  • Gil Gerard
  • Herb Alpert; performed "Rise" (Lunar Moth)
  • Erik Estrada (Excalibur Car)
  • Diana Ross; sang "The Boss" (Big Apple)
  • Wally Amos (Rocking Kangaroo)
  • The Cast of Sesame Street (Sesame Street)
  • Buddy Hackett
  • Robert Stack

Performance Groups

  • The 1st All-Children's Theatre (The Cootie)
  • The Harlem Children's Theatre (Mother Goose)

Walk-Around Characters

  • Paddington Bear
  • Daffy Duck

Marching Bands

  • Boardman High School Spartan Marching Band (Ohio)
  • Winchester Community High School Band (Indiana)
  • John S. Battle High School Trojan Band performed "Superman Theme" (Virginia)
  • Colquitt County High School Marching Band (Georgia)
  • McGuffey High School Highlander Marching Band (Pennsylvania)
  • Elko High School Marching Band (Nevada)
  • Madison High School Marching Band (Florida)
  • Northbrook High School Bandoleras Drill Team & Raiders Marching Band; performed "Ode to Joy" (Texas)
  • Glenbrook North High School "Spartan" Band (Illinois)
  • Norwich Senior High School Purple Tornado Band (New York)
  • McDonald's All-American Marching Band; performed "Superman Theme" (U.S.A)

Pre-Parade Activities

  • The Broadway Cast of Peter Pan
  • The Northbrook Bandoleras
  • The Boston Ballet
  • Harry Blackstone Jr
  • The Negril Beach Jamaica Junkanoo Dancers
  • Roller Magic
  • Macy's Choir


  • Ed McMahon - 6th Time
  • Bryant Gumbel - 3rd Time
  • Bob Keeshan (Guest Host)
  • Tony Guida (Pre-Parade Host) 1st and only Time


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