Skating Clowns

New York City Highway Patrol District Motorcycle Police Brigade

Parade Officials

"Holiday Treat For Children Everywhere" Banner

Cloe the Holiday Clown Balloon

Macy's White Star Balloons

SW Missouri State University Marching Band

Tom Turkey - Bo Diddley

Rocky & Bullwinkle Balloon


Pilgrim Man & Woman Push Floats


Pumpkin Balloons

Soaring Spirit Canoe - Pocahontas, Davey Crockett, Deidre Hall & the Onondaga Youth Singing Society

Science Hill High School Marching Band

Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Banana Clowns

Banana Split Car

Chocolate Colorworks - Joey, Matthew, & Andy Lawrence

Garfield Balloon

Holiday Clowns

Furry Arms Hotel - The Cast of Sesame Street

ABC Bouncing Ball Balloons

Big Bird Balloon

Circus Clowns

Toy Block Clowns

Magical World of Mother Goose - Oksana Baiul & the La Danse School of Ballet

Cake Clowns

Mr. Tortoise

Racing Hare

Rocking Kangaroo

Albert & Friends Instant Circus

Wiggle Worm Balloon

Alice in Wonderland - Elayne Booster

Cypress High School Marching Band

Quik Bunny Balloon

Toby the Parade Dog


Clifford the Big Red Dog Balloon

Pure Imagination - Liz Torres & Willy Wonka

Fuji Blimp Balloon


Riverview High School Marching Band

Sky Dancer Balloon

Rocking Lobster - Popeye & Olive Oyl

Pineapple Clowns

Flying Fish Balloon

Jolly Polly Pirate Ship - The Cast of Cats

Jacksonville State University Marching Band

Sea Venture - Lea Thompson

America Sings!

Pink Panther Balloon

"If You Haven't Seen Macy's, You Haven't Seen New York" Banner


Macy's White Star Balloons


New York Police Department Mounted Unit

Party! Time! - Tara Dawn Holland & the Valley Stream Central High School Valley Streamers

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Marching Band

Betty Boop Balloon

The Clown Head Train

101 Dalmatians - Cruella DeVill, Horace, Jasper, Pongo, & Perdita

Funny Firefighter Brigade

Harold the Fireman Balloon

Bellbrook High School Marching Band

George Washington and Ben Franklin Push Floats

Blue and Red Ball Balloons

America Clowns

Uncle Sam Stilt Walkers

Jazz Doll Twirlers

Statue of Liberty - Dominique Dawes



Spider-Man Balloon

Cowboy Clowns

Western Wagon - The Cast of Cowgirls

Red River Rocky Top Cloggers

Westward Ho! - Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus

Cisco Junior College Band & Wrangler Belles

Western Toy Float - Barney, Baby Bop, & BJ.

Barney Balloon

The Federation of Black Cowboys

Euclid Beach Rocket Car - The Cast of Cocoanuts

Owen Valley High School Marching Band

Salute to Movie Musicals -Shirley Jones, Bob Dorian & Nick Clooney

Woody Woodpecker Balloon

Universal Cheer & Dance Association

Pep Rally

Football Balloon

Baseball Balloon

Basketball Balloon

Sonic the Hedgehog Balloon

New York City Police Department Marching Band

Big Apple - 1996 World Series Champion New York Yankees

Bowling Clowns

Ambulance Clowns

New York City Parks Enforcement Mounted Unit

Planet Earth Balloon

A United World - Vanessa Williams & the Children Around the World

Haverettes All Girls Marching Band

Bee Clowns

Mother Duck

Mr. Snail

Flower Sphere Balloon

Pennsylvania Dutch Ornament Balloon

Mobile Azalea Trail Maids

Peter Rabbit Balloon

Rocking Horse

Toy Soldiers


Holiday Sweets - Captain & Tenille, Fred the Baker & the Macy's Be a Star Winners

The Cat in the Hat Balloon

James F. Byrnes High School Marching Band

Santaland Express - Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop & the Junior Guilders of Jamestown New York

Christmas Stockings

Snowflake Star Balloon


Sleepy Bear

Snow Family Holiday - Kenny Rogers

Eben Bear Balloon

Boston University Marching Band

Santa's Sleigh - Santa Claus

Snowflake Star Balloons

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