New York City Highway Patrol District Motorcycle Police Brigade

Parade Officials


"Holiday Treat for Children Everywhere" Banner


Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Macy's White Star Balloons


Lincoln High School Marching Band

Tom Turkey - The Corrs

Bandleader Mickey Mouse Balloon

Mike Miller Dance Team

The Dallas Tap Dazzlers


USDA Characters

Cornucopia - Emeril Lagasse


Ohio University Marching 110 Band

Blue's Clues - Steve

Blue Balloon

Dog Catcher Clowns

Greendog Falloon

Toy Block Clowns

Friends for Life - The Cast of Sesame Street

ABC Bouncing Ball Balloons

Big Bird Balloon

Buchholz High School Golden Regiment Marching Band

Three Little Pigs - Ann Hampton Callaway

Bowling Clowns

 Funny Bone Medical Team

 Old Lahaina Luau - Old Lahaina Luau Dancers, & Angela Perez Baraquio

 Rugrats Balloon

 Flights of Fancy - Joe Torre

 Jamaica Tourist Board's Carnival 2000 Rod Puppets

Banana Clowns

Flying Fish Balloon

Starmakers Dance Company

Mother Earth - Sara Evans, Jennifer Day, & Kenny Chesney

Walterboro High School Marching Band of Blue

Jeeves Balloon

Rub-A-Dub Bathtime Clowns

Animal Planet - Jeff Corwin, & the Baha Men

Waxahachie High School Marching Indian Band

Soaring Spirit Canoe

Buzzbee Balloon


University of Maryland Marching Band

World of Wiggle & Jiggle - Jo Dee Messina

Elephant Clowns

Rocking Lion

Circus Clowns

Big Red Shoe Car - Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald Balloon

Toy Soldiers

"If You Haven't Seen Macy's, You Haven't Seen New York" Banner


New York City Police Department Mounted Unit

Macy's White Star Balloons

M&M's Network - Innosense

Clovis West High School Golden Eagle Marching Band

Millennium Snoopy Balloon

The Southwest Texas University Strutters

The US Mint Police Stagecoach - Tito Puente Jr.

Elko High School Marching Band

Arthur Balloon

Wakin' Up - LFO

Mounted Parks Enforcement Patrol Unit

The Patriots of Northern Virginia

Statue of Liberty - Nikki McCray

Americana Sphere Balloons

Ship of State - The Cast of Passions

Homewood High School Patriot Marching Band

Rocky & Bullwinkle Balloon

Universal Dance Association Cheerleaders

Pep Rally

Basketball Balloon

Football Balloon

Funny Firefighter Brigade

Harold the Fireman Balloon

Road to The Future - BBMak

Science Hill High School Marching Band

Alien Clowns

Spaceship - Dooley &  M.A.R.T.I.E.

Dexter Balloon

New York City Police Department Marching Band

Santaland Express - Rascal Flatts

Cassie Balloon

Simple Simon's Fair - Aaron Carter

Mr. Snail

Cloe the Holiday Clown Balloon

Barney's Night Before Christmas - Barney, Baby Bop, & BJ

Barney Balloon

Cheshire High School Marching Band

Winter Holiday - Mikaila

Rocking Horse

The United States Twirling Association Champions

The Holiday Elf Balloon

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Andrea McArdle & Alexis Kalehoff

Clifford the Big Red Dog Balloon

Bergenfield High School Band

Santa's Sleigh - Santa Claus

Snowflake Star Balloons

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