bNew York City Highway Patrol District Motorcycle Police Brigade

Macy's Parade Skaters

Parade Officials


Toy Soldier Stilt Walkers

"Holiday Treat for Children Everywhere" Banner

The Special Olympic Athletes

Macy's REO Delivery Truck 

Gorgeous Gobbler Recreation Balloon

Yellow Macy's Parade Star Balloons

Cornucopia - Judy Collins

Pumpkin Balloons

Pulaski High School Marching Band

Strike Up the Band Barney Balloon

1922 Macy's REO Truck - Macy's Holiday Bears

Macy's Centennial Balloon

The Marx Brothers Balloon Heads

M&M's Network - Simple Plain

Franklin Regional High School Marching Band

Big Bird Balloon

Sesame Street Float - The Cast of Sesame Street

ABC Bouncing Ball Balloons

Circus Clowns

The Danza Fiesta Dance Company

The World of Greendog - Stacie Orrico

Bloomington High School North Marching Band

Arthur Balloon

Bridge to the Future - Ruben Studdard


Bob the Builder with Wendy

Colleyville High School Marching Band

Toy Block Clowns

The Big Comfy Couch

Pikachu Balloon


Firecrackers Jump Roping Team

Carousel of Imagination - Peter Cincotti

Port Chester High School Marching Band

Little Bill Balloon

Teddy Bear's Workshop - Aaron Carter

Wedding Bell-Y Laffs Limo Service Clowns

Wedding Bell-Y Laffs Limo - Arianne Zuker and Kyle Lowder

Banana Clowns

Rainbow Cubs

Happy the Hippo Balloon

Animal Planet - Kool and the Gang, Matt Gallant, and Jeff Corwin

Roosevelt High School Marching Band

Clifford the Big Red Dog Balloon

Angelina Ballerina - The New York City Ballet, and the School of American Ballet

Mr. Snail

Mr. Tortoise

Heartland Hoedowners

The Wild West Express Train - The Cast of Happy Family

Mr. Monopoly Balloon

Kilgore College Rangerettes

A Celebration of New Arrivals - The Old Crow Medicine Show

Corny Clowns

Produce Truck

Rocking Horse

USSBA All-Star Color Guard

Central Parks Enforcement Mounted Patrol

Frieda the Daschund Balloon

Barney's Musical Playground - Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ

Charlie and the Elusive Football Balloons

Baseball Balloon

Basketball Balloon

Parade Family Balloon Heads

"If You Haven't Seen Macy's, You Haven't Seen New York" Banner

Macy's White Star Balloons

New York Police Department Marching Band

New York Police Department Mounted Unit

Big Apple - Bernie Williams and Susie Castillo

Yellow NYC Taxicab

Harold the Fireman Balloon

Funny Firefighter Brigade

Super Grover Balloon

Jones High School Marching Band

Americana Sphere Balloons

Uncle Sam Balloon

Statue of Liberty - The USO Troupe of Metropolitan New York and Camp Broadway

Universal Dance Association Cheerleaders

Pep Rally

Spirit of America - Ann Hampton Callaway and Peter Nero

Cheesasaurus Rex Balloon

Rub-A-Dub Bathtime Clowns

Mobile Azalea Trail Maids

Flying Fish Balloon

Jolly Polly Pirate Ship - The Wiggles

Wild Thing

Wild Thing Balloon

Expedition to the Top of Rhino Mountain - MYA



Planters Nut Mobile

Toy Soldier Balloon

Macy's Blue Star Balloons

The Big Apple Circus Cornivale Wagon

The Big Apple Circus Circus Calliope Wagon

Big Red Shoe Car - Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie the Early Bird

Ronald McDonald Balloon


Mike Miller Dance Team

Cruisin with Percy and the P-Birds - Harvey Fierstein and the Dynamites

Lowndes High School Marching Band

Jimmy Neutron Balloon

American Classic Malt Shop - Hilary Duff

Banana Clowns

Banana Split Car


Ice Cream Cone Balloon

The Marion Carol Showboat - Chicago

Kermit the Frog Balloon

Pinson Valley High School Marching Band

Cloe the Holiday Clown Balloon

Kids' Candy Creation Lab - Clay Aiken

The Holiday Elf Balloon

World of a Christmas Carol - Jim Dale and the Cast of Radio City Entertainment's Production of a Christmas Carol

Garfield with Pooky Balloon

Miami University Marching Band

Santa's Sleigh - Santa Claus

Macy's Red Star Balloons

America Sings!

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