New York City Highway Patrol District Motorcycle Police Brigade

Inflatable Elephants

Parade Officials

Hi-Roller Skating Clowns

Macy's Great American Marching Band

Toy Soldier Stilt Walkers


Macy's 80th Anniversary Hot Air Balloon - Robin Hall, & Kris Meyer

Macy's Yellow Star Balloons

Pilgrim Man & Woman Balloonheads

Tom Turkey


Pumpkin Balloons

Snoopy's Dog House - Charlie Brown, Lucy, & Linus

Snoopy as the Flying Ace Balloon

Spirit of America - The Cast of High School Musical

Story Time - Julie Andrews, & the School of American Ballet

One of the King's Police Men

Tom Otterness' Humpty Dumpty Balloon

Homewood High School Patriot Band

The Big Apple Circus

Magic of Childhood - The Laurie Berker Band, Susie Lampert, & Adam Bernstein

Circus Clowns

JoJo Balloon

The 12 Dancing Princesses

Holiday Clowns

Mobile Azalea Trail Maids

Macy's Parade Penny Cab

Americana Sphere Balloons

Planters Nut Mobile

The Marion Carol Showboat - Tara Conner, & Captain Macy

Catalina Foothills High School Marching Falcon Band

Oklahoma Rising! - Bart Conner,  Nadia Comăneci, Mat Hoffman, Wayman Tisdale, Joe Carter, John Smith, & Sandi Patty

Wild West Clowns

The Ballet Hispanico School of Dance

Sesame Street - The Cast of Sesame Street

Big Bird Balloon

Strongsville High School Band

Starship Discovery - The Jonas Brothers, & The Cast Members of Fetch!

Tibby, Tooey, & Bumpus Balloonicles

Hung-Sheng Lion Dance Theatre

Happy the Hippo Balloon

Animal Wonders - Rachel Reenstra, & Gloria Estefan

Baldwin High School Highlander Marching Band

Dora the Explorer Balloon

Tutenstein - Diana DeGarmo, & the Phoenix Boys Choir


Daisy the Doodlebug

King's Firecrackers Jump Rope Team

Nutty Professor Einsteins & Wacky Graduates

School Bus

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Scooby-Doo Balloon

Expedition to Rhino Mountain - Members of USA Climbing, & Chris Brown

Silly Seaside Clowns

Rub-A-Dub Bathtime Clowns

Bath Tub

Voyage to Adventure - Ciara

Lawrence Central High School Marching Band

SpongeBob Squarepants Balloon

Kids Candy Creation Lab - RBD

M&M's Red & Yellow Brighten the Holidays Balloon

New York City Police Department Marching Band

Flying Fish Balloon

New York City Police Department Mounted Unit

Energizer Bunny Balloonicle


Cloe the Clown Balloon

Big Apple - Daryl Hall, & John Oates

Macy's Blue Star Balloons


Pikachu and Pokéball Balloons

Bridge to the Future - Josh Kelly

Baseball Balloon

The Harlem Globetrotters

The Commack High School Varsity Cougarettes

Football Balloon

Thanksgiving Classics - Eric Dickerson, Harry Carson, Emmet Smith, & Cheyanne

Super Grover Balloon

American Classic Malt Shop - The Dynamites, Darlene Love, & the Broadway Dance Center


Chocolate/Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Strawberry/Pistachio Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Heartland Hoedowners

Charlotte's Web - Sarah McLachlan

Corny Clowns

Produce Truck

Healthy Mr. Potato Head Balloon

The United States Air Force Academy Band

Statue of Liberty - Renee Flemming, & the United States Air Force Band & Choir

GMC Banner

Uncle Sam Stilt Walkers

The Founding Fathers Balloon Heads

Uncle Sam Balloon

Macy's White Star Balloons

Pep Rally

Universal Dance Association Cheerleaders

Handprint Balloons

Big Red Shoe Car - Ronald McDonald, & the McKids

Ronald McDonald Balloon

The Marx Brothers Balloon Heads

New York Tin Toy - Barry Manilow, & the World of Children

Tuba Titans Marching Band

Anheuser-Busch Hitch

Funny Firefighter Brigade

Harold the Fireman Balloon

Rocking Horse - John Tartaglia

Holiday Lovin' Oven - Pillsbury Doughboy, & the Original Cast of Irving Berlin's White Christmas

Mountain Home High School Band

Poinsettia Balloons

Teddy Bear's Workshop - Miley Cyrus

Toy Soldier Balloon

The Polar Express - Natalie Grant, & the Florida Special Needs Colorguard

Garfield with Pooky Balloon

Riverside Community College Marching Tiger Band

SnowBo Balloonicle

Slumber Party Clowns

Red Candy Cane Balloon

Green Candy Cane Balloon

The Mike Miller Dance Team

Elf Family Balloons

Santa's Sleigh - Santa, & Mrs. Claus

Red Macy's Star Balloons

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