The 94th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be held on November 26th, 2020, in New York City and is set to air on NBC that same day at 9 a.m. It will be hosted by Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb and Al Roker.

Parade Lineup

Listed below are the Parade units that are confirmed to appear in the 2020 Parade. Updates will be provided as time goes by.

-Bold indicates a new Parade unit, and * indicates a retired Parade unit.


Giant Balloons

Heritage Balloons

Novelty Balloons




Specialty Units

Toy Floats

Guest Stars


Stilt Walkers

  • Groom
  • Sea Anemone
  • Hibiscus
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Candy Canes

Clown Cars


Due to the ongoing 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will undergo several modifications in order to ensure safety for participants. Listed below are several changes that will be implemented for the 2020 Parade.

  • This will be the first Parade in the history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to not permit any spectators to line the streets, and will be re-invented into a television-only event for this occasion, marking this as the first time the Parade's live processions have been cancelled since 1944.
  • The overall number of participants will be reduced by approximately 75%, splitting the remaining participants over two days
  • All participants will be appropriately socially distanced during performances and be required to wear face coverings and additional personal protective equipment depending on their role.
  • Previously selected regional High School and College Marching Bands performances will be deferred to the 2021 Macy’s Parade, with locally based professional marching and musical ensembles taking musical duties in the lineup.
  • Participant and colleague wellness checks will be performed at all pre-Parade events and on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Participation will be limited to adults only on the Parade route.
  • A number of social distancing measures will be implemented, wherever possible, inclusive of providing and mandating face coverings for all participants, staff and ticketed guests.
  • In order to reduce the amount of Parade participants, a new handling method will be used for flying balloons. Handlers traditionally deployed to carry the giant character balloons along the parade route will be replaced by an innovative, specially rigged anchor vehicle framework of five specialty vehicles tested and approved by the NYCDOT and NYPD.
  • Instead of following the typical 2.5-mile route, the parade elements will be taped in and around Herald Square over a two-day course, as stated by Macy's.
  • Macy’s traditional Giant Balloon Inflation public event on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will not take place.
  • For the 2020 Parade, 65 members of the Macy's Singing Christmas Tree Choir will be invited back to virtually perform an original Christmas carol, composed by Judith Clurman.
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