The Big Bad Wolf is a fictional wolf appearing in several cautionary tales that include some of Aesop's Fables and Grimms' Fairy Tales. Versions of this character have appeared in numerous works, and it has become a generic archetype of a menacing predatory antagonist.

History in the Macy's Parade

In 1934, Walt Disney teamed with Macy's to produce balloons of many Disney characters for the Parade, the Big Bad Wolf is one of them. This menacing predator was featured in the historic procession alongside fellow Disney characters Mickey Mouse, the Third Little Pig, Pluto, Horace Horsecollar, and in 1935, Donald Duck. He appeared again in 1935, and was retired afterwards, alongside all of the other Disney balloons from that era. It is unknown if a new Big Bad Wolf balloon will be created for a future Parade.


  • The Big Bad Wolf is the one of the only classic Disney balloons to have a star on his chest, the other being Mickey Mouse.
  • The Big Bad Wolf, along with the Pinheads are the only known balloons in the Parade that are based on antagonistic characters.

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