The Christmas Chronicles is a Netflix-original 2018 Christmas film that tells the story of two kids named Kate (played by Darby Camp) and her brother Teddy Pierce (played by Judah Lewis) that whose plans to catch Santa Claus (played by Kurt Russell) that turns into on a unexpected journey that no kid has been before. Upon sneaking into Santa's Sleigh and crashing it and derailing Christmas. It is up to Teddy, Kate, Santa, and his elves to save Christmas. 

History with the Macy's Parade

As means of promotion for their new film on Netflix, a new group of novelty balloons was introduced to the Parade in 2018, featuring four separate balloons of Santa’s most trusted elves. Fleck, a pint-sized toy-making powerhouse, is seen carrying Santa’s Bag Tracker, and Bjorn is seen showcasing his love of candy canes, while troublemaker JoJo delivers letters to Santa, and Hugg can carve the right toy with the right tool, that being his trusty chainsaw. These balloons only appeared in the 2018 Parade, and have yet to make another appearance.


  • At Balloonfest 2018, Fleck, Bjorn, and Jojo could not do their test flights due to high winds, with Hugg never being used at Balloonfest at all for an unknown reason.


  • Hugg's left ear was left uninflated in the 2018 Parade.
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