The Herr-Inspektor is one of the characters from The Katzenjammer Kids. He is a friend of the Captain, and is recognized by his long gray beard.

History in the Macy's Parade

The Herr-Inspektor only appeared once in the 1929 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, alongside the strip's other four main characters. Throughout the parade, the balloon would not rise above ground level. Not even an extra dose of helium would give him the necessary boost. Even his signature gray beard was partially cut so he would rise. Due to this, he was retired after his debut, even though the other four main characters continued to appear until 1930. He is unlikely to ever return due to his extreme obscurity, much like the other Katzenjammer Kids characters.


In 1929, cold temperatures have caused the Herr-Inspektor to be unsuitable to fly. As a result, Macy’s parade officials tore the balloon's whiskers in an attempt to stabilize the balloon, which was the main reason for his retirement. He also went out of control a few times during the parade route. 

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