Ever since this date a year ago, I've made at least one edit within every 24 hours since then! Now, I've made it past a whole year, and I've become the first (and only) user to win the "Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas" badge on this Wiki!

Anyways, let's begin the questions!

  1. If the Trolls balloon re-appears in 2020, do you think it's gonna have bent antennas again?
  2. What do you think actually happened to the other Yellow Macy's Parade Star in the 2004 Parade?
  3. Despite no longer appearing at the beginning of the Parade, do you think the Yellow Macy's Stars are still special? if so, why?
  4. If a Mario balloon DOES happen in the Parade one day, what do you think Nintendo fans are gonna be like on social media?
  5. I know this seems silly, but if Trixie the Bouncing Dog were in the 2019 Parade lineup, then judging by the high winds of that year's Parade compared to her bouncing legs, what do you think would end up happening to the balloon?
  6. If Bart Simpson was in the 1997 Parade, then what do you think would've happened?
  7. Which one out of all of these four Parade directors do you think made the most bad decisions? Jean McFadden, Robin Hall, Amy Kule, or Susan Terecero? And why?
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