From June 1st through June 30th, the Macy's Parade Wiki will give thanks early to the Macy's Parade Fanmakers for giving "high quality fanmade parades" to every fan (Kinda a sucky opening title). So enjoy these fun activities that to celebrate the Macy's Parade Fandom.

Chat Events

  • Hip! Hip! 1986 Celebration Parade (Dates will be decided) - Ever wanted to see how much cartoon helium will it take to up Thomas the Tank Engine or Green Eggs and Ham? Or how much sparkles will it take for Blue's Clues and Rocky Horror Picture Show? Well in this two week event, 1986 Celebration Parade creator SuperStarShea1986 will take you through the process of how much "cartoon power" can take this first animated parade. Times will be decided
  •  The IME Big Balloon Parade Premiere Party (June 21st) - The world's first Macy's Parade Fanmake returns after a 2 month hiatus. Join Harry Humble in a premiere party on the hour before the parade's return.

Alongside these events, the daily chat events will continue as planned.

Blog Contest

  • The IME Character Balloon Contest - Much like Liam's Balloon Bet. I will be debuting a new chat event with a similar premise on the week after the June 2020 parade immentdly after the Balloon Bet. 
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