Zeta Phi Beta is an international, historically African American Greek-lettered sorority. The sorority was founded in 1920 by five women who attended Howard University, all of whom believed that sorority elitism and socializing overshadowed the real mission for progressive organisations. The sorority is divided into eight regions and more than 800 chapters located throughout the United States, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, and has historically focused on addressing social causes.

History with the Macy's Parade

The Zeta Phi Beta Steppers made their Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade debut in the reimagined 2020 Parade, celebrating the sorority's centennial year. Members of the sorority performed a socially-distanced step routine entitled "100 Yearz of Finer," decked out in the organization's signature colors of royal blue and white.

A tweet from the Macy's Twitter account was widely criticized following the group's appearance on the NBC telecast, in which the sorority was referred to as a "diverse dance group." The tweet was deleted and changed to refer to the organization as "an international, historically Black Sorority".

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